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Full scale set of services for boosting and management of various internet based startups. IT solutions and profit-oriented project management, driven by a team of experienced e-commerce industry professionals.
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Turnkey project management
Payment processing solution
ProjectOn offers a solution that allows businesses to implement modern payment tools that ensure effortless data collection, storage and completion of transactions with just a few customer's clicks.

Software for management of internet based businesses

Storage of payment details is integral to deliver a great customer experience. Your customers rely on you to ensure the security of the sensitive data. A breach or other security issue can severely damage the confidence of your customers.

Integrate top notch payment security

User verification
3DS secure
We offer a PCI-compliant solution that tokenises information about payments made by your customers. Therefore, your business gains flexibility to move the data between various payment service providers. It also keeps vital payment details securely locked, while allowing you to adjust your strategy as required.

Staying on top of constantly changing payment regulations is challenging and keeps businesses from focusing on core product values. Failing to adhere to industry technical and processing mandates can lead to costly audits or even suspension of your transaction ability.

ProjectOn helps you minimise compliance related work on your side and handle the related technical risks. We stay on top of the latest requirements for you, regularly integrating updates in our platform according to the changes of your payment service provider specifications. This lets you focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience and meeting your revenue goals.

Technical compliance support

ProjectOn offers an IT platform that facilitates integration of cards acquiring into your business processes with the help of our payment gateway. We ensure flawless host-to-host or API integration with any payment solution provider of your choice complemented with support functions, comprehensive reporting and database infrastructure.
Multiple payment services
Stay on top of the latest fraud and chargeback fighting trends and bring your “sale-to-dispute” ratio to the highest level.
Risk Management
Detect and defend your business against fraud
Leverage premade risk management rule-kit
Set alerts and perform post-reviews
Minimise and handle disputes


Measure and monitor transactions to have up-to-date business performance and revenue data. Our solution helps track any discrepancies during payment processing, ensures timely and accurate settlement data exchange, as well as provides analytics along with extensive alerting setups via various communication channels.

Monitoring & Reporting

Data security is of paramount importance to us and we regularly amend our security and supervision protocols to safeguard customer and payment related information. ProjectOn doesn’t allow prohibited data storage and is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.
Data Security
Intelligent and astute transaction routing between your payment service providers ensures more successful authorisations and bolsters conversion. ProjectOn routing tools are based on our extensive expertise and data from billions of transactions submitted and executed via our solution.
Intelligent payment routing
The intuitive design of our dashboard allows you to get more work done in way less time. Real time data, pivots, charts and reports help to react to ever changing market conditions and make well-informed and data-driven business decisions.
Customer Interface
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Operations are provided by Projecton Solutions Limited which is incorporated in Hong Kong (registered number: 3184222) with registered office at Office 701, 7/F, Lucky Centre 165-171 Wanchai Road, Wan Chai, Honk Kong. Conforming PCI DSS certification testifies that the Projecton Solutions Limited electronic payment processing system and software complies with all the safety requirements of Visa and Mastercard payment systems. For customer and technical support please contact us via e-mail hello@projecton.solutions.